30 Rare and iconic historical photos

This collection of rare and iconic photographs capture some of the significant moments from our recent history. Spanning almost 200 years, they depict seemingly very normal moments whether it’s the meeting of great minds and luminaries, or indeed the start of something that would later go on to reach iconic status.

1.) Queen Elizabeth II meeting Marilyn Monroe in 1956


2.) The MGM Lion filming for production company’s famed logo


3.) A young Bill Clinton meeting President John F. Kennedy


4.) William Harley and Arthur Davidson in 1914 founding their eponymous motorcycle company


5.) Walt Disney’s earliest known sketches of Mickey Mouse from the early 1920s


6.) The Eiffel Tower during its construction in 1880


7.) President Barack Obama on his high school basketball team in the late 1970s


8.) Steve Jobs and Bill Gates discussing the future of computing and the tech industry in 1991


9.) Drew Barrymore sitting on Steven Spielberg’s lap on the set of E.T. in 1982


10.) Osama and the Bin Laden family on holidays in Sweden in the 1970s

He is the second from the right in blue pants and green shirt