Are you the nostalgic type or a lover of fairy tales? If so, we’ve compiled the perfect list of real-world locations for you to satisfy your wanderlust and tick off the proverbial bucket list. From castles in clouds to mystical forests carpeted with flowers, jump straight into the pages of a storybook with our list of fantastic places that could be taken straight from a fairy tale.

1.) Angel Oak, Charleston, South Carolina

2.) Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm, Cambodia

3.) Ashikaga Flower Park, Ashikaga, Japan

4.) Chiang Mai, Thailand

5.) Rakotzbrücke Rakotz Bridge, Kromlau, Germany

6.) Colmar, Alsace, France

7.) Hallerbos Fores, Halle, Belgium

8.) Hallstatt, Austria

9.) Hohenzollern Castle, Bisingen, Germany

10.) Lake Reschen, South Tyrol, Italy

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