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27 Celebrities and their historical lookalikes

Whether we’re actually all clones or merely descended from former politicians, philosophers or even criminals, some conspiracy theorists will have us believe that we all have a historical doppelganger. While ordinary folk have literally a needle in a haystack chance of tracking down theirs, eagle-eyed historians and researchers have found some shocking resemblances from another …

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Brothers re-create old snaps to gift epic calendar to their mother

An increasingly popular trend today is for families or siblings to re-create old family mugshots to create equal parts hilarious and sentimental gifts for their parents at Christmas time. These three brothers did just that, and the results have to up there with the best we’ve seen. We take our hats off, gents. IMG SRC: …

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12 Fantastic Photoshop efforts of adorable baby elephant learning to swim

No, we’re not laughing at the expense of this hairy little baby elephant learning a crucial life skill with human supervision that will serve him well in time, but we couldn’t help but be amused by the folks over at Reddit’s ensuing Photoshop battle. The little guy did not like it at all, but laughter …

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