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21.) Krysten Ritter & Anne Hathaway

Krysten Ritter Anne Hathaway

Now that we see them side by side… Yes, complete doppelgängers

22.) Pee Wee Herman & Alan Cumming

Pee Wee Herman Alan Cumming

We’re sure Alan won’t mind the compassion… Right?

23.) Stephen Colbert & Bob Saget

Stephen Colbert Bob Saget

Basically the same person

24.) Zoë Saldana & Thandie Newton

Zoë Saldana Thandie Newton

Real life besties

25.) Elizabeth Banks & Chelsea Handler



26.) Emma Stone & Melinda Clarke


Has anyone seen these two in the same room at the same time?

27.) Helena Christensen & Cameron Diaz


Another case of why did we no one tell me?

28.) Jimmy Fallon & Josh Radnor


This can’t be… Can it?

29.) Taylor Swift & Heather Locklear


The glamometer here is turned up to 11

30.) Elijah Wood & Daniel Radcliffe


Frodo has done it again. We loved LOTR but, sorry, Harry Potter is still the better franchise

31.) Sienna Miller & Mollie King


If they’re not blood relatives then they definitely have the same hairdresser

32.) Matt Bomer & Cheyenne Jackson


When they were both in the same season of American Horror Story together we got really confused

33.) Jamie Pressly & Margot Robbie


Why did Margot have to go and steal all Jamie’s leading roles? She could have at least given her Terminal

34.) Cat Dennings & Marion Cotillard


This is getting too much

35.) Johnny Knoxville & Josh Duhamel


Two jacka… No, too easy. Looking well, gents!

36.) Jennifer Lawrence & Haley Benet


Same. Person.

37.) Georgia May Jagger & Lara Stone


DNA test for two

38.) David Tennant & Richard Hammond


One is definitely taller, to be fair

39.) Christy Turlington & Jessica Biel


Hey, Soul Sister! Ain’t that Mr. Mister, something something, radio toniiiight… Fine, we’ll stop

40.) Courtney Cox & Demi Moore


Thelma and Louise remake, anyone?

41.) Trevor Lawrence & Doppelgänger Fan

Trevor Lawrence Doppelganger Fan

The quarterback met his match, literally

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